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Performance-concert "Operetta at the end of summer"

28 August 2018, Tuesday, 19:30
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Stage Director - Honored Artist of Russia Alla Semak

Musical Director and Conductor - Honored Artist of Russia Andrey Alekseev

At the very end of the summer, on August 27 and 28, the St. Petersburg Musical Comedy Theater invites to concerts of operetta in which bright numbers from the performances of the current repertoire and fragments of operettas that have never been performed in Russia are connected.

Due to the fact that the orchestra of the theater will be located on the stage, the audience will be able to enjoy not only the performance of soloists and artists of the ballet troupe, but also a new look at the orchestra.For all those who will come to the concert "Operetta at the end of summer", a meeting with beautiful music, filled with the charm of the frivolous and cheerful genre of the operetta are waiting.

Program of the concert

1. Overture from the operetta of J. Strauss "Die Fledermaus" - orchestra, ballet

2. "Madame of Tabaren" B. Granichstedten - Natalia Savchenko

3. Duet Panni and Tobias from the operetta E. Husky "Corporal Marie" - Ksenia Grigorieva, Vladimir Sadkov

4. "Song of the Rose" from the operetta of K. Millerker "Gasparón" - Oleg Romashin

5. "Moon Foxtrot" from the operetta of C. Lombardo and V. Rantzato "Cin Ci La" - Oksana Krupnova, Oleg Fleyer

6. Adele's couplets from the operetta of J. Strauss "The Bat" - Victoria Moon

7. Terzet of Teresa, Svoboda and Neuvert from R. Stolz's operetta "Spring Parade" - Vera Vasilieva, Valery Matveyev, Alexander Bayron

8. Aria Tassilo from the operetta of I. Kalman "Countess Maritsa" - Oleg Korzh

9. The duet of Cin Ci La and Petit Gris from the operetta of K. Lombardo and V. Rantzato "Cin Ci La" - Oksana Krupnova and Roman Vokuev

10. H. Antrash. Tango "Now do not talk to me" from the operetta "Men is such" - Alexander Bayron

11. Duet of Lisa and Su-Сhong from the operetta of F. Lehar "Land of Smiles" - Natalia Savchenko, Oleg Korzh

12. Couplets of Douglas from the operetta of F. Zuppe "Doña Juanita" - Vladimir Yarosh, ballet

13. The duet from the operetta of R. Stolz "The White Horse" - Anastasia Loshakova, Alexander Lenogov (27.08), Vladimir Sadkov (28.08)

14. Tercet from the operetta of J. Strauss "Indigo" - Victoria Moon, Fedor Osipov, Igor Shumaev

15. "Kankan with chairs" from the operetta of J. Offenbach "Orpheus in Underworld" - ballet

16. Tercet "Years pass" from the operetta "Silva" - Vera Vasilieva, Valery Matveyev, Alexander Bayron

17. Barinkai's Couplets from the operetta of I. Strauss "The Gypsy Love" - ??Fedor Osipov

18. Interlude from N. Erdmann's operetta "Mademoiselle Nitouche" - Anton Oleynikov, Evgeny Tilicheev

19. J. Strauss. Waltz "Spring Voices" - Anna Bulgak

20. The duet of Roz-Marie and Adolar from the operetta of M. Kraus "Garter of the Borgia" - Tatiana Taranets, Igor Shumaev

21. J. Gershwin. "Strauss" - Victoria Mun, Oksana Krupnova, Alexey Shtykov, Oleg Romashin

22. J. Strauss. "March of Radetsky" - orchestra

23. "Operetta forever" from the operetta of P. Linke "Frau Luna" - all participants

Characters and Performers:
The performance is recommended for viewers aged 12 and above