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18 November 2017, Saturday, 19:00

St. Petersburg Theater of Musical Comedy


only one concert

by stars of world musicals


with the participation of Maya Hakvoort (Netherlands) and Elena Gazaeva

Musical Director and Conductor - Alexey Nefyodov

The Theatre of musical comedy continues to acquaint the Petersburgers with the work of the stars of the world stage of the musical.

On November 18, an actor will appear on the stage of the Musical Comedy Theater, whose name sounds like a password that makes millions of fans around the world open their hearts. The legendary performer of the role of Count von Krolock in the musical of Roman Polanski in "Dance of Vampirs", Duke Buckingham of "The Three Musketeers", Thomas Andrews of "The Titanic" (nominated for the Tony Award), Gaston and the Beast in "The Beauty and the Beast", Sweeney Todd in the eponymous musical by S. Sondheim, Merlin in the project F. Wildhorn "The Sword of King Arthur" and many others - all this Kevin Tart.

Arriving at the premiere of the Russian version of the "Vampire Ball" in 2011, Kevin was subdued by the city and the fans who met him. Since then, the stamp on the crossing of the Russian border appeared repeatedly in the artist's passport. The artist took part in the festive concert "Broadway Hits", dedicated to the triennium of the project. And last spring, during a joint performance with Drew Sarich and Kirill Gordeev, Tart presented a magnificent concert program in St. Petersburg, which included hits of the world anthology of the musical genre.

A partner in the scene at Kevin's autumn meeting with Russian fans will be a Dutch actress, the unrivaled performer of the role of Empress Elizabeth of Bavaria in the musical "Elizabeth" Maya Hackworth. And also the star of Russian musicals "The Vampire Ball", "The Little Mermaid", "Jekyll and Hyde", etc. Elena Gazayeva.

Behind the conductor's desk of the Orchestra of the Musical Comedy Theater is the permanent conductor of all high-profile theater projects in the genre of the maestro's musical Alexei Nefyodov.

Characters and Performers: