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16 December 2012, Sunday, 13:00
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Musical for children in two acts by Alexander Kulygin

based on the play by Samuil Marshak

Director — Boris Uvarov
Musical leader and conductor — Alexey Nefedov
Art-designer — Honoured art-designer of Russia Vladimir Phirer
Ballet master — Honoured worker of arts of Russia Kirill Laskari

Opening night of the performance took place on 20th of October 2007.

The opening night of musical performance for children “Teremok” took place in State Theatre of Musical comedy on 20th of October 2007. This fairy-tale that was written by wonderful children’s author Samuil Marshak is well-known in Russia. The plot is very simple: in the field stands “Teremok”. Little-Mouse, Croaking-Frog, Golden-Cockerel and Hedgehog settle in one by one.
All of them are living peacefully together. Suddenly Wolf, Bear and Fox appear: they have a plan to occupy Teremok, to taste some cockerel’s flesh and break up peaceful inhabitants. Two grandfathers are in fairy-tale: one of them is kind, another one – evil. They are story-tellers, so one of them helps the good characters, another one - invaders. In the play roles of forest animals are performed by young actors of the choir. Music of composer Alexander Kulygin transforms events of popular fairy-tale into the real musical for children with singing and dancing.

Characters and Performers:

Yury Donnikov


Olga Girnis


Larisa Filatova

Maria Pechenezhskaya


Natalia Vershinina


Maria Reshavskaya


Irina Tumanova


Eugenia Vorobyeva

Good grand-dad

Dmitry Petrov

laureate of International competition

Victor Chubarov

Evil grand-dad

Alexander Murashko

honoured artist of Russia

Alexander Shaporov

Performance has no restrictions by age