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St. Petersburg Theater of Musical Comedy Theater announces a casting for participation in the Jim Steinman musical "Tanz der Vampire".

Debut in the role

On the 20th of January Vitaly Golovkin will play the part of John Box in performance "Cox & Box in a court" by A. Sullivan for the first time.

Premiere of the performance

On March 17 and 18, on the Small Stage of the theatre the premiere of the musical comedy for children "Tom Sawyer" by Sergey Banevich will take place. 

Tickets are already on sale.

Cox & Box in a court
20 January, saturday
The Count of Luxembourg
20 January, saturday
Summer of love
21 January, sunday
21 January, sunday
Viennese Blood
24 January, wednesday
Public Concert devoted to the Anniversary of reversal of blockade of Leningrad
25 January, thursday
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