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Premiere of the performance

On 11-15 November, for the first time in Russia, the St. Petersburg Theater  of Musical Comedy presents the musical "The Count of Monte Cristo" by Frank Wildlhorn.

Tickets are already on sale.

Premiere of the performance

29 and 30 September the premiere of musical fantasy "Wedding in Malinovka" will be held.

The opening of the new theatrical season

August 2, new theatrical season will be open by showing of the operetta "Silva" by Imre Kalman.

Bely. Petersburg
21 September, thursday
Bely. Petersburg
22 September, friday
Summer of love
23 September, saturday
Cabaret for gourmets
24 September, sunday
The Merry Widow
26 September, tuesday
Wedding in Malinovka
29 September, friday
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