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On the 22nd of October soloists of our theatre Elizaveta Olisova and Roman Vokuev will play the parts of Zhuzhi and Miklos in operetta "Summer of love" for the first time.

October 28 Theatre of Musical comedy will present the first premiere of the new season - "Orpheus in the Underworld" by Jacques Offenbach.

November 1, 2016 in the concert "Hits from Broadway and the whole world...", which will be held on the stage the Lensovet Palace of Culture, on the same stage with our favorite artists one of the European stars of musicals and one of the most famous "vampire" of Europe Kevin Tarte will take part!

The new school year begins on the 1st of September. We also congratulate today the "recruits" of our Theatre. As a result of the casting four new soloists were accepted to the troupe: Roman Vokuev, Anastasia Loshakova, Elizaveta Olisova and Alexey Shtykov.

Good luck on the stage of our Theater!

August 22 legendary musical "Tanz der Vampire" triumphantly returned to the stage of our theater.

The nominees of the Highest theatre award of Saint-Petersburg “Golden Sofit” 2015/2016 were announced.